2021 Cerdeira ADAC WINNER 2021

ADAC distinguishes Parque Cerdeira with Demographic Change & Accessibility 2021 award

We are very pround to inform You that Parque Cerdeira was distinguished with the Demographic Change & Accessibility 2021 award, during the ADAC camping Gala ceremony, held on January 19th.

The assessment was based on the testimonies of inspectors, journalists and members of the ADAC club, who took into account the conditions that Parque Cerdeira offers its customers accessibility, both for people with special needs and seniors. For the jury, accessibility did not only include a disabled friendly concept, but an integrated service response to meet the growing needs of seniors and people with modern lifestyles, as well as having orderly spaces and a good response to activities leisure and tourist entertainment.

At a time when there is an increasing aging of our society, Parque Cerdeira responded to the challenge by making a major investment in the remodeling the facilities, within the concept of universal design, with the help and support of accessible tourism line launched by Turismo de Portugal.

The sector is going through a very difficult moment, with no end within sight, so this award gives us a new boost to maintain our vision:
- turn Parque Cerdeira into the best place in Portugal to practice Responsible Tourism, with a Low Cost Impact and in close contact with the Nature.

Gerês, an incredible destination for incredible people!