To ensure the comfort and satisfation of all our guests, the permanence with your pet has to respect the following rules.

General rules

As for this regulation, only cats and dogs are considered as pets;

  • Pets of dangerous breeds, as stated by law, are not admited;
  • Only people over 16 are allowed to bring a pet;
  • During check in the client must fill and sign the animal registration file and must make proove of the good health condition and licence of the pet (s);
  • Pets cannot disturb other clients, and have to respect the silence hours from the camping;
  • The camping management reserves the right to demand the imediate departure from the campsite of any pet that shows aggressiveness, disturbing other guests, or any other unacceptable behaviour, such as bitting, scratching, scaring or excessive barking;
  • All the pet’s waiste has to be imediately removed by the owner/responsible and taken to the undifferentiated garbage container;
  • Pets are not allowed in the swimmingpool, restaurant, sanitary facilities, laundry and mini-market;
  • Every time the pet is in the commom spaces it has to be on the leash or in the owner/responsible’s lap;
  • The client is responsible for any damages caused to the equipment or the people;
  • It is strictly forbidden for the pets to stay untattended inside the Bungalows or camping equipment;
  • This regulation is not applied in case of guide-dogs;
  • Pets from other species are only allowed under specific authorization and particular conditions defined case by case;
  • The price for pets is defined in the specific price list;


Camping accomodation

  • Maximum number of pets per pitch is two;
  • The pet accomodation has to be inside the equipment (tent/caravan), pets are not allowed outside the equipment during the night;


Accomodation in Bungalow

  • The admission of pets in Bungalows requires reservativon and disponibility;
  • Only admited one pet per unit;
  • Only pets mentioned in the registration form are allowed inside the unit;
  • Pets are not allowed the use of the bathroom;
  • At the end of the stay the client has to clean the unit, check out will occur after verification of the unit’s cleaning and conservation conditions;

The desrespect of this regulation implies the imediate exit of the camping with the payment of the complete stay, as in the reservativon dates;