Nature Tourism - Turismo de Portugal Certification

Nature Tourism


The recognition of Tourist Enterprises and Tourist Entertainment Agents, such as Nature Tourism, acts as a “seal” of good environmental practices and code of conduct to which these entities are committed to adhere. meet the environmental enhancement project associated.

O Parque Cerdeira is recognized in both areas, because we know the importance of using sustainability criteria related to the unique natural, scenic and cultural values ​​of the Peneda-Gerês National Park, due to the growing demand of this place for recreational and leisure activities in direct contact with the nature.

GreenKey Certification Parque Cerdeira

Green Key


The “Green Key” program is an international award that recognizes tourist and catering establishments that implement good environmental and social practices, that value Environmental Management in their ventures and promote Environmental Education for Sustainability.

We recognize that it is very important to be in the tourist activity adopting good environmental practices, to reduce the negative impacts of Tourism and the costs with the consumption of natural resources.

Since 2010 the Parque Cerdeira has this distinction.

Natural PT

National brand linked to protected areas and associated values. Bet on biodiversity, economy, heritage and identity of Portugal that aims to value and promote, in an integrated way, the products and services associated with these spaces. Associated with the uniqueness and environmental and cultural value of the protected areas of mainland Portugal, the Natural.PT brand is an initiative for the integrated promotion of the territory, products and services existing in the protected areas, and in their immediate surroundings, which they share with them. values ​​and principles of sustainability and appreciation of nature and endogenous resources.


Alan Rogers

International camping specialist, independently classifies the Parque Cerdeira as one of the best campsites for holidays.

Associations - Asociaciones -   Parque Cerdeira - caravan club

Caravan and Motorhome Club and Alan Rogers | 2018

Caravan and Motorhome Club and Alan Rogers Awards 2018 distinguishes the Parque Cerdeira with the 2nd prize in the CountrySide category at the “Fiets en wandelbeurs” fair in the Netherlands. We are honored with the distinction of such a prestigious Club of Caravaners and Campers. We will continue to want to be a reference for anyone who wants to enjoy the mountain, its people and knowledge.

Adac | Demographic & Accessibility 2021

Parque Cerdeira wins ADAC award, in the Demographic Change & Accessibility 2021 category. It is a great pride to be distinguished with this important ADAC award.
This is the result of the work carried out in recent years, making important improvements in the Parque Cerdeira, according to the concept of universal design, which means being good for everyone, customers and employees. It is also the result of a committed team with an inclusive attitude.

Cerdeira seal Clean & Safe Turismo de Portugal

Clean & Safe | Portugal Tourism

Parque Cerdeira and its entire team is certified in pandemic time Covid-19 with the Clean & Safe seal of Turismo de Portugal.


An accessibility specialist, Tur4All has certified the Parque Cerdeira to receive different accessibility. You can check it on the website Tur4All the details.

IEFP “Inclusive Employing Entity” brand

In 2019 the Parque Cerdeira he won a prize that is very dear to him “Inclusive Employing Entity” given by IEFP.

There were 4 private entities to conquer. With an excellent team we can include EVERYONE.

Green Leader Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor Green Leader

Since 2017 the parque Cerdeira won another Tripadvisor seal: “Green Leader” / “Eco Lider Ouro”