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Due to the contingency Covid19 and the respective recommendations from the General Health Directorate, the conditions for reservations, opening hours, services and the return policy were changed. The COVID19 CONDITIONS  overlap the regular rules, so you should consult when booking, before arrival and during your stay at Parque Cerdeira.


Conditions can be changed whenever necessary to ensure the well-being of us all.


For YOUR health, OUR health and EVERYBODY's health! Protect yourself!

1. Reservations

The. Reservations are confirmed after payment of 50% of the deposit* within the period defined by the chosen method.
B. The remaining amount will be paid at check out.
ç. The following down payment methods are available:

1. MBWay - payment at the time of booking;
2. Credit Card - payment at the time of booking;
3. MB reference - payment up to 12 hours after booking request (pre-booking);
4. Bank Transfer - payment up to 24 hours after the reservation request (pre-booking), by credit to our account or sending proof within that period;

* In the case of bank transfers, the value of the deposit is automatically added by a few cents necessary to identify the origin of the payment.

2. Cancellation or change of reservation

cancellation policy

The customer can cancel his reservation. If you do it up to 10 days before check in, you will be refunded the deposit minus the refund fee. Reimbursement is made by bank transfer to the IBAN indicated by the customer.
1. The refund fee is 3% of the amount paid.
2. Clients can change their reservation as long as they do so at least 8 days before check-in.
3. Upon availability, only one change of booking dates is allowed. Once the change has been made, it is no longer possible to cancel the reservation.
4. If cancellation occurs up to 48 hours before check-in, the amount paid will be credited for future reservations or customer consumption. If not used, this credit will be extinguished within 1 year.
5. Cancellation within 48 hours prior to check-in does not give rise to credit or refund.
6. The reserved period, even if it is not fully used, is due to be effectively occupied.
7. Except in cases previously announced, occupancy must be made until 48 hours after check-in, the reservation not granting any right after that period (no show).
f. In cases of force majeure, Parque de Cerdeira may cancel the reservation, refunding the amount paid to the customer, with no refund fee. Such situation will only occur for duly justified reasons and communicated to the customer, as soon as possible.

3. Occupation and use

The. In Bungalows, Cabins and Rooms, check-in is from 16 pm and check-out is until 00 am.
B. In camping, check-in is from 14 pm and check-out is until 00 noon.
ç. Find out about the amenities of each accommodation, on the respective page.

4. Prices and conditions

The. The prices are those contained in the respective price lists.
B. Children under 4 years old are free of charge.
ç. Pets are allowed in most accommodation. Meet our admission policy.
d. Parking for one car is free for the Bungalow T1, T1-L, Cabana and Family Room typologies and two for the T2 Bungalow typology.


Gerês Field, May 28, 2021