Conviviality of the Staff of Cerdeira

With a brief passage through the Sacred (Roman ruins), we climb the mountain, through the ancestral trails that our ancestors traced, through valleys and viewpoints. The temperature was ideal for walking.

Right by the river, we saw, still fresh, the first traces of the wolf. Then, all along the trail, to Junceda, there he went, angry that we had spoiled the hunt, digging everywhere, never letting himself be seen. We had better luck with the roe deer, who were waiting for us there by the meadows.

Lunch was taken at Junceda Viewpoint, then followed to Vila do Gerês, where the walk ended with a refreshing bath in the Health Club's hot water pool and jacuzzi. In the evening, for dinner, the rest of the group.

It is, above all, a moment of conviviality between friends. So is Cerdeira's team!