Gastronomic Weekend

O Parque Cerdeira participates in the gastronomic weekends initiative, preparing for the weekend of 25 and 26 March the typical local dish, Bersame and offering its customers the possibility of taking a guided walk or visiting the Núcleo Museológico (Museum Vilarinho das Furnas and Museu da Geira).
Also known as “Cozido de Couves com Feijão” in which the originality of the ingredients and their preparation result in a genuine and ancestral mountain meal, reminiscent of the old rural world, inviting, therefore, to “kill homesickness” for others times.

An ancestral recipe:
The way of cooking is known as “monumental cooking”, because the meats are put to cook in a pot and, afterwards, it is added the charred cabbages, fresh from the garden, and the yellow beans, also difficult to find, because it comes from the high and cold lands, which is also cooked. The taste of oil in abundance and the cloves of garlic give it a special taste.

Do not miss this opportunity to come to Gerês, taste a dish from other times and take a hike on the mountain.