Hiking is as ancient as the human existence. In modern days, when walking is only necessary for the basic chores of our daily existence, there is an increasing number of people returning to a closer contact with the nature. A good hike is the ideal setting to meet with friends.

The regular hiking is the nature sport with highest number of practitioners, maybe because there is no need for any specific gear, nor any special physical condition required and it’s possible to do it almost anywhere. This feature turns it into a popular practice, with a minimum impact if you have any sensibility and sense of responsibility.

A long or small hike is compatible with a variety of other activities like, photography, painting, fauna and flora observation, cartography, historical data observation, archeology, ethnography, etc. As the result, we have the interpretative or thematic trails.

As in everything else, massification can leave negative and irreversible traces in the most sensitive areas, specifically in some seasons of the year. The compaction of the soils, reduces the water infiltration and the fertility of the soil. The erosion phenomena arises, caused by the proliferation of parallel trails. In humid soils, meadows and lagoons the impact is even stronger. The traffic of people crashes small and more sensible plants, favoring the proliferation of stronger, most of the times invasive plants. As result of soil compaction there is less water, oxygen and nutrients available for the plants. The most sensitive species of fauna tend to go away, searching for new habitats, reflecting in their reproduction, physiology, behavior and habits. Another negative impact is the stress caused with observation activities. The lack of sensibility can lead to a disrespect for the ways of life of the native population, animals and private property.

On the other hand the National Park has very specific regulations for all the human activities inside its territory. The certification of Parque de Cerdeira as Nature Tourism and its touristic animation activities, enable us to develop our activity in respect for the natural values that surround us. Some important rules, as example:

All the leisure activities are restricted to companies certified as Nature Tourism and authorized to the specified activities

  • Walk only inside the existing trails
  • You are only allowed to enter the area of total protection with one of our guides or an authorization from the PNPG
  • Inside the type I protection area, maximum number of hikers is 10
  • Inside the type II protection area, maximum number of hikers is 15
  • Collection of stones and plants, not allowed
  • Hunting and fishing restricted to concession