Brochure Parque Cerdeira EN
Presentation Brochure

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Prices 2020 EN

See prices for 2020

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Map Cerdeira EN
Cerdeira's map
"Parque Cerdeira doesn't stop ”
Activities in Nature Video
"Try it, Parque Cerdeira"
Video on activities
"Feel, Parque Cerdeira"
Video about Parque Cerdeira
Birds Guide
Guide of the birds that can be observed in the meadow of the Park Cerdeira. This Guide can be seen in its entirety in the link below.

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Meadow Flowers Guide
Guide of flowers that can be seen in the microclimate of the Parque Cerdeira meadow.

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Geira Trail

Walk 2 to 3h


Start in Parque Cerdeira

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Museological Core and Gerês Field Trail

Walk 2 - 4 h


Start in Parque Cerdeira

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CMTB - Terras de Bouro Municipal Chamber - logo


Trails CM Terras de Bouro

Trails of Terras de Bouro Town Hall


Trails of Gerês - Adere

Trails of Gerês from Adere

Parque Cerdeira | Gerês | Portugal

Trails by yourself

10 trails around Parque Cerdeira
Car Map
3 routes around the Parque Cerdeira to khow Gerês Nationa Park

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Portugal Calling

Rules for walking or cycling.

Cycling - Tour Albergaria PT and EN

trail hostel

2 to 3h

Start in Parque Cerdeira

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Cycling - Tour Carvalheira PT and EN

Carvalheira Trail

2 to 3h

Start in Parque Cerdeira

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