• The adhesion is made by contract, valid for the agreed period, renewing automatically for an equal period of time, unless one of the parties denounces it.
  • The contract of adhesion only gives the customer the right to be entitled to a special price for parking of his caravan and discounts on other camping services, depending on the season, giving him no other special rights regarding admission.
  • The caravan is considered parked when it is placed in the Caravan Park (PEC).
  • Being parked, it benefits from a special price and can not be occupied.
  • The parked caravan must be properly closed and without advanced mounted.
  • The caravan must always have a good state of cleanliness and conservation.
  • If the caravan is installed in a parcel (camping space), the current price list applies, with the respective discounts and discounted the days that are outside the PEC.
  • Whenever the client intends to use the caravan or the other camping services, he / she must make the respective registration or reservation, paying special attention to the periods of greatest occupation, otherwise he / she may not be admitted when the stocking is exhausted.
  • Customers adhering to this contract can make their reservations without having to pay a signal. Reservations must be made online and if you choose not to make the payment, in the field of comments, should mention “long-stay customer”.
  • Only the holder and his / her immediate family members may benefit and use the caravan object of an adhesion contract.

Campo do Gerês, April 2018

Parcela 80m2
Parque Cerdeira Caravanismo
Parque Cerdeira Campismo
Autocaravanas - pernoita - caravanismo