Closer to the Stars… in Campo do Gerês

This year, the Parque Cerdeira returns to be part of the “Ciência Viva 2013” ​​program, on the 20th of July and the 7th of September.

Closer to the stars is a monthly cycle of astronomical observation organized by the Disclosure Center of the Astrophysics Center of the University of Porto.

With the implementation of this new activity, we aim to provide our customers and the general public with the perfect combination of leisure and peaceful surroundings in the magnificent landscapes of Gerês, through an astronomical observation of planets and constellations visible that night.

At the beginning of the session, the public is invited to attend a brief presentation on astronomy, showing the sky that can be observed that night. The constellations and planets that are visible will be mentioned, as well as the location and their main characteristics.

At the end of the presentation, the audience moves to the outside, where the astronomical observation session with a telescope will take place, if weather conditions permit.