2019 Aug Map Cerdeira PT_mapa
  1. The price of the parcel includes 2 people, a car and the equipment.
  2. In the tent plots only the installation of tents is allowed.
  3. In the plus plots, only the installation of a caravan or motorhome is authorized.
  4. The tent, the caravan and the motorhome are considered equipment.
  5. As a motorhome, there is no right to free car access.
  6. The installation of equipment must respect the minimum distance of 2 meters from other equipment. It means that the camper must leave at least 1 meter free at the limit of the parcel.

Ask for price information for those traveling without a car or want to keep it parked during their stay in the Parque Cerdeira.

For reservations of more than one parcel, it is not possible to guarantee placement in contiguous spaces, even though parcels of the same type.