Our Mission

Open to the public in the beautiful spring of 1992, the Parque Cerdeira was established by the family Brista, meeting a new tourist flow were looking for Gerês - backpacking and tent, greatly influenced the creation of the Peneda-Gerês National Park and the new social climate after the April Revolution..

At that time, there was no campsite in Gerês, so the most attractive sites were naturally occupied by those who came to the mountain adventure. And of course, the natural conditions that this site has - the mountain meadow and the forest of secular oaks, involved the Brista family in weariness, every summer, the ``run`` with the unwanted occupants of the land.

Resulted therefore natural the idea of creating a campsite, built by their own hands.

And it has not stopped. Year after year, in the search of what seems to him the better for the environment and for customers. In the second year of operation are perceived new trends in camping and carry out major improvements and construction the first Bungalows, using noble materials of the region - the granite and wood. The rest will be easy to understand for those who visit us in this harmonious space that guarantees you a nice welcome in the mountain..

Retrato_fundador Parque Cerdeira

José Pires, Fundador do Parque Cerdeira


Our Vision

Make this area the best place in the country for the practice of Responsible Tourism with reduced Impact and a close contact with nature.

Our Mission

Offer unique moments in contact with the nature, Leisure and healthy Rebalancing.

Our Values


based upon the economical, social and environmental appreciation of the set of people and property committed with Parque Cerdeira;

Responsibility and Commitment

In the preservation of the communitarian and natural surroundings heritage;
With the welfare of people and the future generations.

``Who visits us, in this harmonious space that guarantees a pleasant welcome in the mountain.``