Parque Cerdeira Restaurante - interior

Cerdeira Restaurant

At the Cerdeira Restaurant you can enjoy an imposing landscape where the green meets the mountain, feeling the fresh air while tasting the most appetizing dishes of Minho

Because the Cerdeira Restaurant has become a reference in local gastronomy, where modern and typical intersect. Ready to receive complying with the DGS rules.

Above all, we work to bring the best of the region to the table; in the meat, the veal, the goat or the lamb and the best vegetables from the garden. In fish the cod does the honors of the table.

Open to the general public, given its location relative to the perimeter of the Park and located in the National Park Peneda Gerês.

Visit us to try it for yourself.

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We suggest:
– Cutlet (double)
– Meat Barbecue (Mixed meats)
– Cod lagareiro style
– Cod Cerdeira style
– Egg pudding

Regional dishes (by request)
– Bersame (Stew with potatoes, cabbage, pork meat and sausages)
– Roasted kid
– Cabidela Rice

We have vegan dishes included in our menu and dishes for food intolerant/Celiacs on request.

Favour the Take Away service and enjoy our delights in the comfort of a Bungalow or camping.

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