Promotion is Beautiful

Customers holding Vida é Bela vouchers now have the opportunity to discount the voucher at Parque Cerdeira, until the 24th of March 2013, all you need to do is book two nights of accommodation in any type of Bungalow and benefit from the 3rd night offer, in exchange for the Vida é Bela voucher.

Case or Parque Cerdeira come to get the voucher payment by Vida é Bela, credit this amount to the customer's account, which can be discounted in a next stay.

Although we were one of the first establishments to suspend the contract with Vida é Bela and submit a proposal to the sector's representative entity (APHORT) in the sense that there is a need to regulate this type of sales channel, we understand the situation of people who have Vida é Bela vouchers and as far as possible we are available to mitigate losses.

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