Bungalows are a type of accommodation complementary to camping sites that need special regulations, namely regarding the processing of reservations, their occupation and use.

In this way, users of POD Bungalows and Cabanas, in addition to the Camping Park Regulation, are subject to this regulation.

1. Reservations

Reservations are preferably made online, however, they can be done at the counter, by phone or email. The reservation is made by paying the deposit.

2. Occupation and use

  1. Check-in at the POD Bungalow and Cabins (check in) is from 16 pm and check-out at the POD Bungalow and Cabins (check out) is until 00 am.
  2. The maximum capacity of the Bungalow type T1 is two people, and two children can be admitted as extras; Bungalow T1-L is for 2 people, two people can be admitted as extras; T2 type bungalow is for 4 people, and two people can be admitted as extras (check values ​​in the extras table). In this case, the reservation must be made directly with the Reception. The maximum capacity to stay in Cabana is 2 people.
  3. The customer is responsible for the cleanliness and good condition of the furniture, dishes, clothes, appliances and other equipment, as well as the building assigned to him.
  4. The list of furniture, appliances and other objects in each Bungalow is displayed inside the Bungalow.
  5. For extended stays, the change of clothes takes place every three days.
  6. During the stay, cleaning is the responsibility of the customer.
  7. Except in previously announced cases, the occupation must be made until the second day, not giving the reservation any rights from the third day.
  8. The entry of animals in the Bungalows is allowed on request, of a pet (dog, or cat) per Bungalow. More information, check here.

3. Prices

Prices are as shown in the price list.

4. Central heating

  1. The bungalows are automatically heated through a central heating system, during the night, between 18 pm and 00 am, from November to March.
  2. The central heating of the Bungalows will be switched on whenever the outside temperature is below 10º C and when requested.
  3. Outside the conditions and times mentioned above, the customer can always request the connection of the central heating by paying € 5,00 for each 12-hour period (indivisible).
  4. As part of a policy of good environmental practices, central heating will be switched off whenever doors or windows are open for periods longer than 5 minutes, or the fireplace is functioning (the operation of the fireplace implies opening the windows).
  5. In POD huts, heating is switched on whenever necessary.

5. Fireplace

  1. The operation of the fireplace in the Bungalows is incompatible with the operation of central heating, as it is necessary to have a semi-open window for the entry of air (oxygen) for better combustion of the wood.
  2. Opening doors or windows means wasting energy, so the customer will have to choose between one of the two heating systems in the Bungalow.
  3. When the fireplace is turned on, the kitchen hood must be turned off to prevent aspiration of smoke from the fire.
  4. During the entire time the fireplace is in operation, it is recommended to keep the window closest to it ajar to allow for air renewal.
  5. Grilling or cooking in the fireplace is prohibited.
  6. Firewood is provided in the mini market. Being closed, it will be provided by the Vigilante, at the fixed price.


Campo do Gerês, August 2019