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International Award - Caravan and Motorhome Club and Alan Rogers 2018

[vc_row wrapper_container = "no-container" el_id = "caravans"] [vc_column] [vc_column_text] 🏅Caravan and Motorhome Club and Alan Rogers Awards 2018 distinguishes the Parque Cerdeira with the 2nd prize in the CountrySide category at the "Fiets en wandelbeurs" fair in the Netherlands. We are honored with the distinction of such a prestigious Club of Caravaners and Campers. We will continue to want to be a reference for anyone who wants to enjoy the mountain, its people and knowledge.🌿🌿🌿 [/ vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row] [vc_row wrapper_container = "no-container"] [vc_column width = "1 / 2 "] [vc_single_image image =" 11013 "img_size =" menium "alignment =" center "] [/ vc_column] [vc_column width =" 1/2 "] [vc_single_image image =" 11007 "img_size =" menium "alignment = "center"] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row]

Cerdeira meadow guides awarded

Parque Cerdeira Birds and Flowers Guides  won the Natural.PT AWARDS 2018 award in the project category. The awards ceremony took place at the ObservaNatura fair in Setúbal. The Guides stood out in the public vote, which had a total of 1718 votes. O Parque Cerdeira wants to thank everyone who voted for our project. Published in 2018, the guides are the result of some years of work…

In case of fire

Turismo de Portugal releases important information regarding the care to be taken in relation to fires in tourist forest areas. - Call 112 in case of fire - If you see suspicious activity, call 112 - Check the fire risk: - See the occurrences of fires: - Let us know the mountain trails you are going to do