Hiking is the best way for us to be on the mountain.
There is nothing better than a walking tour to enjoy breathtaking landscapes along paths marked by our ancestors and which still today support some traditional activities related to grazing. The landscape, the water courses and the rich flora found along these trails, make the activity very pleasant and can be practiced by most people.

For those who want to venture out alone, you can follow our hiking suggestions, taking into account the following recommendations:

- always consult the Reception before leaving;

- the trails are not marked with official marks but only with stones;

- start the walk early in the morning, so that you can finish it before the night falls;

- wear shoes and clothing suitable for the mountain;

- bring warm clothing during winter.

Also read the Good practices guide.

Distance: 4,6 km
Difficulty: Easy
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Distance: 10 km
Difficulty: Medium / Hard
GPS map and file


Distance: 7,5 km
Difficulty: Medium (must not be done with fog)
GPS map and file

Distance: 9 km
Difficulty: Difficult (must not be done with fog)
GPS map and file


Distance: 5,5 km
Difficulty: Medium / Hard (not do it with fog)
GPS map and file

Geira Romana
Distance: 5,2 km (x2)
Difficulty: Easy / Medium
GPS map and file
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Vilarinho das Furnas Museum
Distance: 3,9km
Difficulty: Easy
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