Come discover Gerês!
The magic of the mountain, in an intimate contact with Nature!
Come discover Gerês!
Imagine a place where the family can explore Nature?
Come discover Gerês!
Seven acres of nature and biodiversity
Come discover Gerês!
Leisure and rebalancing in modern facilities

By yourself

In Gerês, Nature helps you return to the origins with the simplest of things, such as feeling the morning moisture, contemplating the silence, drinking water spouting from the fountains or looking at the stars. Autumn or Spring are the best seasons to enrichen your experiences with the colors of the plants and of the landscapes, in tranquility.

We have several suggestions to help you plan your vacations, as a single traveler, with the family, or a group, in autonomy.

Hiking suggestions
Parque Cerdeira walking trails
Official marked walking trails, responsability from the county of Terras de Bouro. It’s advised to check conservation conditions 

We have electric bicycles for rental with trail suggestions.

Points of interest
National Park Peneda-Gerês
PNPG Door and Museum nucleus of Campo do Gerês
Roman road – Via Nova
Outdoor thermal hot springs

Car tours
Tour 1 (about 120km) - Campo do Gerês, Brufe, Germil, Soajo, Sra da Peneda, Castro Laboreiro, Entrimo, Lobios, Portela do Homem, Campo do Gerês
Tour 2 (about 152km) - Campo do Gerês, Portela do Homem, Lobios, Muiños, Requias, Tourém, Pitões das Júnias, Paradela, Cabril, Ermida, Vila do Gerês, Campo do Gerês
Tour 3 (about 70km) - Campo do Gerês, S. Bento da Porta Aberta, Rio Caldo, Valdozende, Sra da Abadia, Sta Isabel do Monte, Terras de Bouro, Sto António Mixões da Serra, Brufe, Campo do Gerês


Flyer for download

Tour by car
Trail Geira Romana
Trail Museu Vilarinho das Furnas
Mapa de Tours para impressão Mapa trilho da Geira Romana Mapa trilho do museu de Vilarinho das Furnas