Bungalows are a type of additional accommodation in the campsite that requires a special regulation, particularly regarding reservation process, occupation and use.

Therefore bungalow’s users, in addition to the Regulation from the Campsite, shall be subject to this Regulation.

It is strictly forbidden the entry of animals in the bungalows.

1. Reservations

a. Reservations are confirmed after the acceptance of the deposit. The value set to the reserve as a sign, is about 50% of the total amount, plus the last two digits needed to identify the source of payment, this last 2 digits are a code generated automatically by the booking system.

b. The payment must be effectuated within 48 hours, in case of nonpayment within this period it will automatically be cancelled.

c. The signal will be deducted from the final payment.

d. Minimum period for a stay/reservation

1) Minimum stay is 4 nights during Easter, Reveillon and from 1st of July to 31st of August.

2) Reservations for 1 night are accepted within 3 days from date of arrival.

e. Cancellation of reservations

1) Upon request, the reservation may be canceled giving the right to restitution of the signal when it is done at least 10 days prior to the date of check-in.

2) Less than 10 day there will be no refund, the amount payed will be credited for future bookings or consumption of the customer. Not being used, this credit shall expire within one year.

f. The period reserved, even if not fully enjoyed, is due as effectively occupied.

g. In cases of major forces, Parque de Cerdeira can cancel a reservation returning the full amount to the client. Such a situation will only happen for a justified reason, communicated to the client as soon as possible.

2. Occupation and use

a. Check-in from 16H and check-out until 11H.

b. Bungalows type T1/T1-L have a maximum capacity of 4 people and bungalows type T2 6 people.

c. The customer is responsible for cleanliness and conservation of the furniture, dishes, clothes, appliances and other equipment as well as the building, during the stay.

d. The list of furniture, appliances and other objects in each Bungalow is available inside the bungalow.

e. For longer stays, bed linen and towels will be changed every three days.

f. During the stay, cleaning is the responsibility of the customer.

g. Except in cases previously accorded, the occupation must be until the second day, the reservation does not confer any right after that.

h. Animals are allowed in the bungalows with previous reservation. See rules here

3. Prices

a. Prices are detailed in the price list.

b. Children under 5, free of charge.

c. Parking free for 1 vehicle in bungalows type T1/T1-L, for 2 vehicles in bungalow type T2.

4. Central heating

a. All bungalows have central heating during the night (18H to 9H), from November to March.

b. Central heating will be switched on when the external temperature is below 10º, on demand.

c. Extra heating, out of the previous rules, will have the cost of 5,00€/12 hours period (from 9H to 18H), it is not possible to divide into shorter periods.

d. In accordance to the good environmental practices that we are implementing, whenever a window or door is opened for a period of more than 5 minutes or the fire place is on (it requires a window or door opened so that the fireplace works properly), the central heating will be switched off.

5. Fireplace

a. The fireplace and heating system are incompatible, because it’s necessary to open a door or window so that there is an air flow (oxygen) necessary for a better combustion of the wood.

b. Opening doors or Windows implies energy waste, therefore the client will have to choose between one of the two heating systems.

c. Upon ignition of the fireplace the cooker hood must be shut down to prevent aspiration of smoke from the fire.

d. During the time that the fireplaces is lit, we recommend that the closest window should be opened, to allow the renovation of air

e. It is not allowed to Cook or grill in the fireplace.

f. Firewood for sale in the mini market, after closing You can ask the vigilant for wood, he will sell it at the fixed price.

Campo, November 2018