Project Cerdeira

Parque Cerdeira is developing a project as the result of the obligations subscribed from the certification as Nature Tourism, considering that the area from the camping is recognized in the chart of floristic values and vegetation as having exceptional values of the biotype.

It is an opportunity for our customers to become even more involved in the environmental issues.

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Project typology

Management of flora species: gradual replacement of the exotic species with autochthone species.

Management of the habitats: Restauration and valorization of the meadow of Parque Cerdeira.

The restauration and preservation of the oaks from Parque Cerdeira will occur with the gradual replacement of the exotic species, specially resin plants (Pinus Pinaster) by autochthone species (quercus pyrenaica, quercus robur, common holly and birch).

As to the mountain Meadow, we are implementing measures on its recovery and valorization. Until recently, the main concern was to not allow the placing of tents in that area, using it mainly as play area. Now, the purpose is to make the meadow a place of contemplation, of study and of educative leisure, mainly with the evolvement of our customers in the identification of the flowers and their flowering periods, so that we can define the correct use of that space, in order to protect the flora.