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Parque Cerdeira has adopted different sustainability strategies to achieve high quality standards, always aiming at social and environmental responsibilities. Since 1992, we adapt our mission and values to transform Parque Cerdeira in one of the best camping in the country to practice Responsible Tourism with Low Impact and close contact with Nature.

Over the years, Parque Cerdeira observed the behaviours and needs of its clients in order to adapt and innovate. Today we are proud to state that we are a tourism establishment that produces more oxygen than consumes, according to a study done by the UTAD (Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro), as a result of the flora diversity and quantity as well as the use of clean energies.

The Parque Cerdeira sustainability plan has allowed to:

  • edit the “Meadow Guide of Flowers” and the “Birds Guide”;
  • replace of Exotic Flora with the Autochthonous;
  • collect seeds in order to provide them to authorized partners;
  • maintain a nursery of autochthonous plants, of the composting facility and of the Aromatics/Medicinal Garden;
  • create a Bird Watching observation point;
  • manufacture candles using wasted vegetable cooking oil.

Now we have the goal to:

  • edit a “Guide of Trees” from Parque Cerdeira;
  • communicate our Environmental Commitment and our good practices to the general public;
  • provide different methods of purchasing food and detergents that adjust to the real needs of our guests and favour the environment with the sale of goods in bulk;
  • implement a deposit area where clients can leave products they no longer need so that they can be reused.

Parque Cerdeira efforts and dedication has been noticed along the years resulting in environmental certifications such as:

  • In 2010 the Green Key
  • In 2011 “Turismo de Natureza
  • In 2017 the TripAdvisor Green Leader Gold
  • In 2019 the band “Inclusive Employing Entity” by IEFP (Instituto do Emprego Formação Profissional)